Spearheading the single-make cups since 1991, the Clio Cup heads for the 2023 season with an exceptional programme on thirteen of Europe’s finest tracks!

As the heir to the R8 Gordini Cup founded in 1966, the Clio Cup has enjoyed tremendous success since 1991. Since the introduction of the fifth-generation Clio Cup, more than 100 drivers came together in both 2021 and 2022 to deliver more exciting races than ever on the European tracks... And the best is yet to come!

Thirteen meetings in 2023

Always focused on its customers expectations and needs, Alpine Racing’s customer-racing department based in Viry-Châtillon will preserve the fundamentals of its proven concept while slightly evolving the discipline’s format.

In 2023, the Clio Cup Series will consist of 13 rounds at Europe’s most prestigious circuits and in support of its most recognised championships. The competitors will have the opportunity to compete at ten tracks that have already hosted F1 Grand Prix and three iconic tracks in their home countries. In particular, two motor racing monuments - Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium) and the Nürburgring (Germany) - will return to the calendar.

As in 2022, there will be nine Clio Cup Europe rounds, with 18 races for the most ambitious competitors. Only the 16 best results will count to determine Anthony Jurado’s successor. Meanwhile, the Clio Cup France, Clio Cup Italia, Clio Cup España and Clio Cup Mid Europe regional groups will have five to six rounds (10 to 12 races) with carefully crafted and crossed calendars to guarantee ever more competitive and spectacular grids.

Each meeting will continue to have separate classifications - with competitors only eligible for points in a maximum of two groups, including Clio Cup Europe - to allow the contenders in each series to compete directly against their main rivals.

A unique and beneficial framework

In 2023, the different Clio Cup versions will benefit more than ever from the excellent organisational standards and experience of the customer-racing department at Viry-Châtillon and the Manufacture Alpine Dieppe Jean Rédélé.

This expertise, which has made the Clio Cup a success for over three decades, offers competitors the opportunity to display their talents in a high-performance, reliable, and affordable product. Whatever their level, the competitors and their teams will benefit from an unparalleled framework through strictly identical sporting and technical formats at all meetings to ensure the greatest possible equality between everyone.

These elements, which are the hallmarks of the most famous single-make cup, will be added to an attractive prize scheme, which will be distributed equally and more widely over all the races, but also across several categories: General, Challengers and Gentlemen Drivers.

Thanks to the support of its trusted partners Castrol, Michelin and Sabelt, the Clio Cup will have more than €270,000 in prize money on offer, plus a brand new Clio Cup for the eventual winner of Clio Cup Europe. In addition, competitors will continue to be entitled to a range of products and services included in their entry.

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