17 December 2020

Small donations make a big difference

Small donations make a big difference

We want Christmas to be a moment of joy for hospitalised kids, this year Renault Sport Cars is supporting the charity LES BALLES BLANCHES which has been taking care of kids for 18 years. With development of school spaces, play areas, educational material, supervised outings and clowns smiles… These actions help children to cope better with long-term hospitalisations, which are often a source of isolation. With only a few euros, the price of a few golf balls, you can make a child smile in this very special time.

Concretely, we are the ones who go all the way, from buying and to installing the funded projects in hospitals.

Eric Duquenne Founding President of Balles Blanches.

Link to the donations: https://www.leetchi.com/c/les-balles-blanches-pour-le-noel-des-enfants-des-hopitaux-de-garches-et-saint-maurice