While Anthony Jurado dominated race one at Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya to take his fifth victory of the season, his teammate Nicolas Milan scored a historic hat-trick. Ten years after his first international Clio Cup crown, the Milan Competition driver-team boss increased his Clio Cup titles from ten to thirteen by securing the Clio Cup Europe, Group B and D titles.

David Pouget (GPA Racing), who had to win to keep his title hopes alive, set the pace in the two collective test sessions on Friday but his bid suffered a blow when he was beaten by four Milan Compétition drivers. in qualifying.

Despite a small issue during the grid procedure, Anthony Jurado managed a perfect start from pole position to keep the lead from Mathieu Lannepoudenx (Milan Compétition) at turn one. Meanwhile, Nicolas Milan (Milan Compétition) and David Pouget moved ahead of Marc Guillot (Milan Compétition) before the first safety car period brought by the collision between Alex Lahoz (Cota Automocion) and Erik Zabala (Team VRT).

Anthony Jurado and Mathieu Lannepoudenx quickly pulled away at the restart while David Pouget tried to surprise Nicolas Milan. The two contenders for the European title were engaged in a fierce duel that Marc Guillot and Alex Royo (Team VRT) took advantage of to get between the two men before the second safety car caused by the accident of Horn (GPA Racing).

Anthony Jurado kept Mathieu Lannepoudenx at bay at the restart whereas Marc Guillot was a victim of the consequences of an earlier contact in the race. At the same time, Alex Royo passed Nicolas Milan for third place. David Pouget moved ahead, but Nicolas Milan replied on the pressure-packed final lap.

While Anthony Jurado sealed his fifth success of the year ahead of Challengers Cup winner Mathieu Lannepoudenx and Alex Royo, Nicolas Milan managed to take back fourth place from David Pouget. Sixth and seventh at the finish, Kévin Jimenez (GPA Racing) and Alejandro Schimpf (Cota Automocion) completed the Challengers Cup podium, followed by Antonio Herrerias (Chefo Sport), Jordi Palomeras (Team VRT) et Adrian Schimpf (Cota Automocion). Stephan Polderman (Chefo Sport) took the lead of the Gentlemen Drivers Cup to win in this class ahead of Jérémy Bordagaray (Team Borda Rally) and Lionel Viguier (TB2S).

In the general classification, Nicolas Milan clinches the Clio Cup Europe ahead of David Pouget and Marc Guillot, ten years after his first continental title in Eurocup Clio. The season-ending podium is also decided in the Challengers Cup, with Kévin Jimenez winning the title ahead of Alexandre Albouy (GPA Racing) and Mathieu Lannepoudenx. However, the suspense remains in the Gentlemen Drivers Cup. With his podium result, Lionel Viguier now trails the leader Horn while Laurent Dziadus (Team Lucas), Stephan Polderman and Rene Steenmetz (Chefo Sport) will try to take third place from Alessandro Sebasti Scalera (Milan Compétition), who is not racing this weekend.

Group B

Anthony Jurado’s win in Clio Cup Europe also saw him take Group B top honours ahead of teammates Mathieu Lannepoudenx and Nicolas Milan, who is now assured of winning this group, whose season included stops at Nogaro, Magny-Cours, Hockenheim, Circuit Paul Ricard and Barcelona. Mathieu Lannepoudenx’s success in the Challengers Cup was not enough to deprive Kévin Jimenez of the Europe-Group B double as the driver from Toulouse finished second ahead of Alexandre Albouy. In the Gentlemen Drivers Cup, the podium was the same as the Clio Cup Europe with Stephan Polderman winning in front of Jérémy Bordagaray and Lionel Viguier. The honour for the rest of the best behind Laurent Dziadus (Team Lucas), will be decided tomorrow among Jérémy Bordagaray, Horn, Lionel Viguier and Fabien Julia (LR Performance).

Group D

Mathieu Lannepoudenx topped his prolific Saturday with his maiden victory in Group D ahead of Alex Royo and Nicolas Milan, whose podium was enough to clinch a third title in only a few seconds. The race winner also made strides in the Challengers Cup by beating Kévin Jimenez and Alejandro Schimpf to now be just six points adrift of Alexandre Albouy, with whom he will compete for the category crown on Sunday.

Lastly, Stephan Polderman scored another win in the Gentlemen Drivers Cup ahead of Rene Steenmetz (Chefo Sport) and Javier Cicuendez (Team VRT). This result allows the Dutchman to take a big step towards the title against Horn, who will have to face competition from Javier Cicuendez and Rene Steenmetz as both are now aiming to steal his second place in this category.

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Clio Cup Europe standings - Group B - Group D

Qualifying gets underway tomorrow morning at 9.00am, followed by the last race of the year at 2.50 pm. Three titles, including the Gentlemen Drivers Cup in Clio Cup Europe in addition to the Group D Challengers Cup and Gentlemen Drivers Cup, will be decided. The Renault Sport Series Facebook page, and Renault Sport YouTube channel will provide live coverage for the 2021 Clio Cup Europe season-finale.