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Immerse yourself in Renault Sport spirit

Take more than 120 years of Renault motor racing experience, including four decades at the sharp end of Formula 1®, and distil it into a set of accessories, parts and apparel for R.S. model cars and their drivers and you get the R.S. Performance collection: an e-shop dedicated to fans of the Double Diamond brand, its cars and the Renault universe as a whole.

A close collaboration

Born from a close collaboration between Renault Sport Cars and Renault Sport Racing engineers, R.S. Performance captures the very essence of Renault Sport’s racing DNA and applies it to a range of apparel, add-ons and specialised kits, all in the purest ‘track day spirit’ and designed to push performance to new levels.

Designed for all models

Parts and accessories are available for almost any R.S. model. While some are specific to newer trailblazers such as the Clio IV R.S. and Mégane IV R.S, classic models are not forgotten with their own performance products that embodies Renault’s long-standing racing history.

Plenty of choice

The range of R.S. Performance parts and accessories is as rich and varied as the Renault Sport Universe itself. Choose from workshop kits that allow you to customise your car paddock-style by adding brakes, suspension and engine parts – some of which come direct from collaborations with the Renault F1® team. The Driver range includes replica R.S. Performance Pilot Suits, boots, gloves and more, while a Lifestyle range provides apparel such as T-shirts, caps and windbreakers in a variety of designs and styles. Other goodies and memorabilia in the store include model cars, key rings and backpacks, allowing you to show your Renault spirit in a more subtle way.

Track day spirit

The R.S. Performance collection pushes the track day spirit to the max. Its parts and accessories are designed and developed with one goal in mind: to improve the experience on the track. Each element is then tested on the track by Renault Sport drivers, who push the vehicles to their limit to ensure quality and reliability even in the most extreme conditions. R.S. Performance also promises its owners exclusivity, thanks to rare and limited-edition parts such as the R.S. Performance Bodykit, which, restricted to only 250 pieces worldwide, shares its DNA with the Clio R.S.16 concept car and displays all of Renault F1® Team expertise in the handmade work of art that is its carbon-fibre hood.

Exclusive parts and accessories

As a showcase for R.S. Performance, Renault Sport created the TC1 and TC2 demo cars, equipped with R.S. Performance parts and accessories. The yellow and F1® RS18 black TC1 is fitted with a 250-piece limited edition bodykit inspired by the Clio R.S. 16 concept car, complete with exclusive carbon seats, composite disk brakes and a firmer spring suspension for extra fun on the track. The TC2, on the other hand, is a Clio R.S. which has been transformed to be 50 kg lighter thanks to a unique carbon hood that is half the weight of its original; it also comes equipped with 17-inch alloys, RS14 adjustable suspension, specifically designed spacer kits, and a stainless steel exhaust.

Test Driver

Laurent Hurgon

For me, R.S. Performance chimes with sportsmanship. It’s really great to give R.S. owners the opportunity to customise their car to suit their needs and bring them greater ease on the track.

R.S. Performance project manager

Guillame Calvar

With R.S. Performance, R.S. owners now have access to a large range of parts that will improve their car's style, performance, and on-track driving pleasure.